Takeuchi Compact Excavators

Takeuchi compact excavators are known for their performance and durability and the latest line of Takeuchi excavators won’t disappoint. Takeuchi offers a wide range of products to help you complete your toughest tasks. Continued model development of Takeuchi’s TB line of hydraulic excavators means that you are getting the performance you need and the features you deserve.

If you’re working in really tight quarters you may consider the TB108 or the TB216 ultra-compact models with its retractable undercarriage. Their small size means they are easy to transport and offer optimal access into backyards, buildings or just about any access may be limited.

Our revolutionary FR series which consist of the TB138FR, TB153FR and TB180FR allow the machine to do a full revolution with minimal overhang of both the rear, and front of the machine. Perfect for urban construction, underground utilities or congested infrastructure projects.

Our conventional series of excavators provide a great platform for using multiple attachments and the large operator’s station provides an impressive list of creature comforts while providing unsurpassed performance on the jobsite. These models include the TB228, TB235, TB250, TB260, TB285 and TB1140 SERIES 2.

Each of our compact excavators come with a 2-year, 2,000 hour full machine warranty. For more peace of mind, Takeuchi offers optional P3 Power Protection Plan choices that provide additional coverage levels for Powertrain, Powertrain and Hydraulics or full machine plans, all with no deductible.


Operating Weight: 2033 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 5' 6"
Max. Dump Height: 7'
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 9' 6"
Width: 2' 6"
Net Horsepower: 9.6 hp


Operating Weight: 3524 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 7' 10"
Max. Dump Height: 9' 4"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 12' 9"
Width: 3' 3"
Net Horsepower: 13.5 hp


Operating Weight: 6100 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 9' 5"
Max. Dump Height: 10' 5"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 15' 6"
Width: 4' 9"
Net Horsepower: 23.5 hp


Operating Weight: 7950 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 11' 2"
Max. Dump Height: 12' 6"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 17' 6"
Width: 5' 4"
Net Horsepower: 28.8 hp


Operating Weight: 8535 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 10' 11"
Max. Dump Height: 12' 8"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 17' 7"
Width: 5' 5"
Net Horsepower: 28.8 hp


Operating Weight: 10950 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 12' 5"
Max. Dump Height: 13' 8"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 19' 8"
Width: 6'
Net Horsepower: 38 hp


Operating Weight: 12509 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 12' 9.4"
Max. Dump Height: 13' 10"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 20' 6.9"
Width: 6' 6.7"
Net Horsepower: 47.6 hp


Operating Weight: 12681 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 12' 10"
Max. Dump Height: 12' 9"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 19' 10"
Width: 6' 7"
Net Horsepower: 38.7 hp


Operating Weight: 18821 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 14' 11"
Max. Dump Height: 14' 8"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 23' 1"
Width: 7' 7"
Net Horsepower: 60.8 hp


Operating Weight: 18780 lbs
Max. Dig Depth: 15'
Max. Dump Height: 17' 3"
Max. Reach At Ground Level: 25' 5"
Width: 7' 7"
Net Horsepower: 66.5 hp

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